Paulton’s Park Log Flume

The Raging River Log Flume at Paulton’s Park theme park attraction, near Southampton, was constructed in a three million pound project that RCF supplied key components for. Paulton’s Park has been voted the UK’s favourite theme park for four consecutive years between 2016 and 2020, offering thrilling rides and family attractions set on a beautiful, 140-acre parkland site on the edge of the New Forest.

RCF was asked to supply fixings for the build of the Raging River Log Flume, an urgent order that had to be fulfilled before the summer opening of the new attraction. RCF’s team worked with the engineering contractor to ensure components were supplied to a strict deadline, taking extra measures to prevent delays that would have impacted the public unveiling of the attraction.

Experts in urgent orders
We understand that construction projects are a delicate balance of receiving the right components athe the right time, which is why we work alongside our customers to streamline our services and meet the manufacture and delivery timelines they’ve already spent time meticulously designing. Unlike many bolt and fastener manufacturers in the UK, our on-site tooling and machining capabilities mean we’re able to make changes to component designs at pace, fulfilling specific engineering requirements in record time. Get in touch with our client services team to find out more about delivery times and bespoke component design.