Frankley Water Treatment Works

The Frankley Water Treatment Works supplies drinking water to the city of Birmingham – the second-largest in the UK – and its surrounding area. The plant is operated by Severn Trent Water and treats liquid from the Elan Valley in Wales, which arrives at Frankley Reservoir by gravity feed along the Elan aqueduct.

RCF supplied flange bolt sets for the water treatment work at Frankley, delivering components that required precise specification for their application in a water-based environment. The project is ongoing and demanding, with components needed on site the same day as their installation. Alongside sourcing and supplying the right components for the job, RCF works with the Frankley team to make sure timelines and logistics schedules are always met as precisely as possible.

Stockist of specialist products
Specialist components – such as bolts, fixing and fasteners that need to withstand great pressures or exist undamaged underwater – require specialist knowledge. At RCF Bolt and Nut, we stock a wide range of products used in a variety of settings, including specific components such as Sheraplex bolts, which are coated in plastic to stop them degrading when used in their primary application underwater. Our client services team can tell you more about the specific products we stock, where we source them from, and what their properties are.