Hinkley Point B

The nuclear power plant Hinkley Point is located on the northern shores of the Somerset coast, along the estuary of the River Severn. RCF supplied the project with a complete set of foundation bolts including nuts, flat washers, square plate washers and protective cones. The project required small but significant modifications to the heads of the bolts to accommodate them more easily into the plate washer and optimise stability in the concrete. This meant RCF had to be flexible with the forging process and plan deliveries carefully in order to fully support the ambitious scale of the construction.

Specific modifications
Making alterations to existing component designs to make them suit exact requirements involves expert know-how and a flawless supply chain. At RCF, we’ve worked with clients across sectors that demand high standards and exact results – especially when working with sensitive and large-scale infrastructure projects like power and energy plants.

If your project needs components with specific requirements that need manufacture and delivery with minimum fuss, speak to our client support team to find out how RCF can help.